Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy Tip Tuesday

It is Mommy Tip Tuesday and I am going to share another one of my favorite toddler items. 

Munchkin Snack Catcher
These snack cups are amazing! I tried many different delivery systems for snacks for Nicole (ziploc bags, little bowls, mini muffin trays ) and she always spilled, ALWAYS. When she was young, she would spill on purpose, to see the snacks fall, and then when she got older she spilled because she just would not pay attention to what she was doing. Spillage led to ants and an upset mommy, which nobody wants. So, I saw a mom with these one time and I set out to find them for myself.

I got a couple of snack cups like this at Babies R Us, but they turned out to be not that good at keeping snacks in. Nicole would bend back the rubber top and they would stay bent, letting snacks fall everywhere. Then, I found these at Target and they are awesome! Not only does she not spill, but they don’t spill while they are living in the backpack. And, they come in a pack of two, so I have one for salty and one for sweet snacks. These have definitely made my life easier and my car a lot cleaner.

But, if you do want to do something fun for your toddler in a controlled, table environment, try taking a mini muffin pan, filling each cup with a different snack and letting them eat from it. Nicole loves this! Probably because it is fun and interesting. But, I don't recommend it as a travel snack idea.

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Marie said...

Damon liked those today....he discovered that Nicole brought some snacks in those and somehow he dumped all the Cherrios out of it and ate them off the floor.

Deanne said...

I haven't tried those yet. They look handy!

Jasmine said...

I love these cups, too. I bought them for Cassie, and I wish I had seen them when Alexis was younger. I had the Gerber equivalent for her, and it spilled more than I would have liked.