Monday, July 11, 2011

Mommy Tip Tuesday or Monday rather

As a brief reprieve from my favorite baby items I want to talk about helpful tips for sick babies and kids since I just went through a week of sick. But, if you are looking for favorite mommy items, check out my friend Jasmine's list of favorites.

Babies With a Cold

Daniel has had a cold for a while now. Which just means that he is so extremely stuffy that he can't breathe through his nose. Here are some tips to alleviate your baby's stuffy nose.
  • Nose Drops: Get some saline drops and put two drops in each nostril, then suck it all out with a nose sucker. This is pretty much a baby sinus wash. Just be sure to suck it all out or that saline solution will only make baby more stuffy.
  • Humidifier: Never underestimate the power of a good humidifier running at night in baby's room. Don't put it too close to the crib because you don't want baby to get all wet, but just close enough for baby to breathe in the vapors. Additionally, be sure to change your filter every year. Matt and I had a bronchitis incident because of a dirty humidifier.
  • Phone Book under the mattress: If baby can't breathe while he sleeps, try slipping a phone book under one side of the mattress so that baby's head is elevated while sleeping.
  • Steam shower: Turn your shower on really hot, close the bathroom door and stand in the bathroom with baby so baby can get a nice steam to clear out those airways. Do NOT take baby into the hot shower. You don't want to burn baby.
Babies With the Stomach Flu

Nicole, Matt and I have all had the stomach flu this last week, so I am very familiar with this one. Nicole is still throwing up (after four days) so it is very very familiar. Here are some tips:
  • Pedialite: If you have a child who will drink anything that you put in their mouth (which I don't) then pedialite is a great option to keep child hydrated. I don't know if it is safe to feed to bitty bitty babies, so consult your doctor on that one.
  • Gaterade: If you have a belligerent child who refuses to drink pedialite, try gaterade. It is one of those drinks that you can vomit up and then still drink right away again. It keeps you hydrated and soothes the stomach. 
  • Bowl or bucket: If you have a two year old or a baby who can not warn you before they are going to throw up, keep a bucket or a bowl handy at all times. If baby or child starts crying for unexplained reasons, immediately place bowl under mouth because vomit is likely to ensue. It will save your carpet and your tears.
I'm sure there are other good things to remember for the stomach flu, but Nicole is the pickiest eater and so all we have been able to get into her these last four days is gaterade and popcorn. I don't recommend the popcorn diet. Try to get your kids to eat crackers or broth or other good stuff that Nicole won't eat.

I hope these sick tips were helpful to you. If not, then you will just have to learn by doing when your children get sick, just like every other mom out there.

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Jasmine said...

I've already thought of a few more things that I left off my list, so I may do a round 2 sometime in the near future.

One thing you want to NOT give a vomiting kid is water! For some reason, it only makes things worse. I also like the phone book idea. I was always told a pillow under he mattress, but that just didn't seem like it would hold up the weight well enough. I rolled up blankets instead of a pillow, but a phone book makes complete sense. Plus, it's probably the only use anyone has for those anymore. Haha!