Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Months!

I can't believe that it has been three months already! I feel like this guy was gestating just a couple of weeks ago. Babyhood definitely goes by blazing fast! I can see why some women get pregnant when they still have a baby in the house; because babies come and go so fast that you have to get started on the next one before the first one is all grown up.

My little Dan the superman (as we like to call him) is one fatty lumpkins! He is weighing in at 14.5 pounds and the weight just keeps on coming. I think it is obvious that Dan loves to eat and he does it as often as he can.

Other than eating, Dan's favorite thing to do is watch Nicole. He thinks she is just the funniest thing. He loves to watch her play, he loves it when she looks at him and he smiles at her all the time. Nicole likes to be a mommy for Daniel. I often hear her repeating things to him that I say to him. Like, "Dan the man! What a good smile! You're okay Dan the man. Little man, what is wrong?"

And, whenever he cries, Nicole starts to cry to and she says, "Oh no, oh no, he's hungry mama." She assumes that he is hungry every time he cries. I'm sure that Dan would not mind eating every time that he cries, but I think he is plenty fat. He is already catching up (in weight) to his two older cousins, Damon and Olivia. I fear that he will pass up Olivia in weight in the next month even though she is 6 months older than he is.

  • Daniel's accomplishments this month include: 
  • Pushing up during tummy time (though he cries every time we put him in tummy time)
  • Sitting up for 3 seconds (this may not seem like long, but he is really fat, it is trying to hold all that body and head upright)
  • Spitting up less (he used to spit up all the time! Like Nicole when she was a baby)
  • And, getting his hand to his mouth. I try to discourage the hand to the mouth thing because I don't want him to be a thumb sucker. I would much rather have a pacifier boy.
We love our little Dan the Man so much! He makes my heart happy with his smiles and his snuggles that he is always willing to give his mama. I just wish that he would grow a little slower. I love having a baby, I don't want a big boy just yet.

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Marie said...

Fatty babies are the cutest and he is one fatty baby! I've never heard you call him Dan before....I'm not so sure about it. I'm used to Baby Daniel, Danny Boy, Little Man, Fatty Lumpkins.