Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lunch at Adobe

Last week, Matt had a meeting at work in the middle of the day since most people work during the day light hours (weird right?). So, he picked me up at work and I went with him and the kids so that I could watch after the kids while he was in his meeting.

While we were waiting for Matt, we checked out some of the art that Adobe has going on.

The kids, of course, immediately grabbed the balls rotating on this thing and my attempts to put them back proved to be a catastrophe. I obviously put them back in the wrong places because after a few loops on this contraption, billiard balls started falling down (very loudly) on the concrete floor and rolling every where.
And then I was super embarrassed.

Adobe also has a cafeteria and a full kitchen staff and awesome food. So, we stayed and had lunch there after Matt's meeting.

The new Adobe building is amazing and has a lot of cool stuff for their employees. It makes me a little jealous because my office building is lame. But, I'm glad that Matt has a nice place to work.

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Sarah said...

Ha ha! I bet that's going to happen a lot in their future. Dark thing with bright, colorful balls rotating on it? Yeah, any kid who sees that is going to grab those things. I feel like all really cool work places have a nice cafeteria inside. I would go to the cafeteria at Mark's work with him, but I think guards would tackle me and put me in jail.