Friday, December 14, 2012

Riverwoods Santa

I took the kids to the Riverwoods to take the kids to see Santa. The Riverwoods Santa is really good and lets me take pictures of him with my kids without charging me. The mall Santa's cost so much to get a picture of my kids with Santa.

I also took the opportunity to practice using my new camera with the pretty Christmas lights as a background. I found that I am not very good with my camera yet. It took me a lot of pictures to figure out that I should use the night setting on my camera if I'm taking pictures at night. The flash kept washing out the kids and no flash left me with blurry pictures. So, once I found that night setting, things got a little better. I need more practice.

I let the kids just run around the square and I attempted to catch them looking at the camera for pictures.

I know this picture is a little blurry and that Dan has red eye, but I just love this running picture. A picture of him running just captures his spirit so well.

And this is when I discovered the night setting.

Dano is really good at staying in the stroller when I ask him to.

I couldn't get Nicole to look at the camera when she was sitting with Santa. When Santa asked her what she wanted, she immediately replied, "Pillow Pet!"

Dano did not want to sit on Santa's lap, but he didn't cry, so I call it a win.
The kids liked seeing Santa, but I think that they liked that Santa gave them candy canes even more.

It is fun, as a parent, to see me kids have these experiences. Christmas has become a lot more fun since I had kids. I love seeing them excited about things.


Marie said...

I love the pictures! The running one is so cute! Nicole is dead set on getting a pillow pet....I hope she is getting one :)

Laura said...

I love that my kids want to capture memories of their kids with pictures. It must be a family tradition. You think that you will remember everything when you are young, but you don't, so it is so nice to have pictures to look at later. Nice job learning how to use your camera, Beck.