Tuesday, December 04, 2012

You Know Your a Mommy When...

This weekend, Nicole and I were sick with the stomach flu. The stomach flu is really gross, I don't care for it, but I am glad that Nicole is old enough to get that she should throw up in a bowl rather than all over herself. And this weekend of sick made me think back to when Nicole was much younger and didn't know what to do.

When Nicole was really little and she got the stomach flu, there was no warning, just... "bleh" and then a big mess to clean up. But, then some Mommy instinct awoke in me and when she started to throw up, I would quickly cup my hands and thrust them toward her in an attempt to catch the vomit. This is when you know your a mommy. When you try and catch the vomit so it doesn't hit the carpet.

I don't do this any more with Nicole because she is old enough to use a throw up bowl. And, she eats real food now, so her vomit is way too gross to catch. Baby vomit is completely different from kid vomit.

We are all better now. The only good thing about the stomach flu is that it comes and goes quickly; it is usually only a day of sick. Whereas, colds last can last a whole week. And, it went through all of us, so I know we are done. Dan got it first, then Nicole and Matt at the same time and me a few hours later. I don't know why when one of us gets sick that we all get sick, but it seems to happen.

While Nicole was sick, and I was sick, Nicole turned to me and said, "Little girls need their mommies when they are sick." And I said, "Very true and you never stop wanting your mommy when you are sick." Which is true as I was wishing that I had my Mom to take care of me while I was sick and too weak to hold my own child. I'm just glad that my children find me as comforting when they are sick as I have always found my Mom. Maybe I'm doing something right.

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