Friday, December 07, 2012

My New Book Blog

I have been posting my "pho" book reviews on this blog for a while now. But, I feel like it isn't quite the right space for it as this blog is more about me and my kiddos and my life. Plus, I never get any comments on my book reviews here, so I thought about starting a new blog just where I can talk about the books that I love.

So, I started looking at other book blogs that are out there to see what they are doing. And, I learned that book bloggers don't actually read that many books. Some book bloggers read and review maybe 30 books a year, the good ones read and review 50 books a year, and the excellent ones do 70 books a year. I usually read about 50 books a year. They are not always first reads for me, I reread a lot of books, but that is still a lot of books.  And if I could read 50 books a year, that is only like a book a week to review. I could totally do that.

Then I got the idea that I would talk to my sister Sarah about it because she reads twice as many books as I do (literally). And we decided it would be fun to collaborate on a book blog where we could both review books and offer differing opinions and such.

And after much discussion, much deliberation, and much trial and error, our book blog was born. 
I've also linked the book blog in my title bar.

Now, it is a newborn book blog with not many reviews yet, and not many viewers. But, we will treat it with love, give it posts and hopefully, someday it will be a real book blog.

So, if you want to hear my thoughts on Young Adult books, Fantasy books, Children's books, and Picture books, check out my brand spanking new book blog.

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Sarah said...

Yay, book blog!