Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not Yet Disneyland!

A few days ago, I got a Christmas card from my friend Jasmine. It was a super cute picture of her family at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse. I showed the card to Nicole because I thought she might like it since she loves Mickey Mouse. Little did I know that it would cause me so many problems.

Me: Nicole, this is a picture of our friends with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

Nicole: What is Disneyland?

Me: That is where Mickey lives.

Nicole: Mickey lives at Disneyland?

Me: Yes, Disneyland is where Mickey lives.

Nicole: Can we go there?

Me: Maybe someday, but it is really far away.

Nicole: Okay, can we go tomorrow?

Me: No, it is really really far. It would take a whole day to go there.

Nicole: Okay, so tomorrow?

Me: No.

At which point I put the card on the Christmas tree (because that is where I put all my Christmas cards). Five minutes later, Nicole had the card clutched in her hand and had brought it back to me.

Nicole: Mom, can we go and see Mickey now?

Me: No Cole, we cannot.

Nicoley: Can I have this? *holding up the Christmas card*

Me: Sure.

At which point, Nicole carried it around the rest of the night... and carried it around with her the next day. She gathered all her Mickey and Minnie figurines and stuffed animals and showed them the card and told them about Disneyland. She asked me again and again when we could go. She took the card to bed with her and lost it behind her bed three times in the next couple of days. And cried until I retrieved it from behind the bed.

And then, I had had enough. I had to make the card disappear. I did not want to tell her one more time that we were not going to Disneyland. I didn't want to fish the card out from behind her bed one more time. So, while she was sleeping, I slipped the card out from her bed and hid it. She asked for it the next morning, and I mock looked for it and declared that it was lost. Finally, the Disneyland talk has ceased.


Lisa D said...

hehehe, sounds like you need to take a trip to Disneyland sometime soon. ;)

Marie said...

Oh Nicole. So clever. You should take her while she still loves Mikey and Minnie.

Sarah said...

I'm against Disneyland. It's super expensive and once you take your kids then it's some random nostalgic thing that they'll demand over and over again.

Jasmine said...


I mean...

I'm sorry I caused so much grief. :(

But it's a really cute story.