Monday, November 15, 2010

Chinese Buffet!

Yesterday my Dad (Bill) turned 65.  So, my Mom planned this big dinner for him.  She called me for ideas on what to do for his birthday dinner.  I suggested Chinese because he really loves Chinese food and we rarely eat it at family gatherings.  But, because Mom does not really know any Chinese recipes, I offered for Matt and I to come and cook for dinner.

So, yesterday after church and a nap, we headed up to Eagle Mountain.  Matt has been experimenting with various Chinese recipes for me because I have been craving Chinese food, but going out to eat Chinese all the time is expensive.  So, we had a couple of good recipes in our back pockets that we knew were good.  We made Panda Expresses Bejing Beef and Asian Stars Walnut Shrimp.  We often will eat something at a restaurant and I like it, so Matt immediately looks up the recipe online when we get home.

We cooked for like 2 hours (we were cooking for a crowd of 30) and we finally finished a little after everyone arrived.  Nicole did not like the idea of us cooking without her.  She prefers to stand on a chair at the counter and watch us cook, but as we were cooking with oil, she was not allowed to do that and there was many a meltdown.

The buffet was successful and my siblings all brought awesome dishes (lettuce wraps, stir fry, fried rice, ect...) and I think that Dad really liked it.  I got Dad the new Wheel of Time book by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson and he seemed to like that too.  Now I just have to wait patiently for him to finish reading it so that I can steal it to read for myself.


Marie said...

It was very good food. Good job.

Sarah said...

I enjoyed the event thoroughly.

Laura said...

Bill loved our Senior Citizen Chinese Buffet and for once we actually surprised him. He loved the food. Thanks for the great idea and the great recipes.

Annette said...

Recipes, please!!!