Monday, November 01, 2010

The Giraffe Says Moo!

For Halloween this year, Miranda was nice enough to pass on the giraffe costume that her kids have been using for years, so Nicole was a giraffe.

She looked so cute in her little giraffe costume, but of course, she did not want to pose for pictures, so I don't currently have any really good ones.  I will have to raid Momma Kimball's camera to see if she got any better ones.

On Tuesday, we had our ward party.  Matt and I are on the activities committee, so I went to show my support and try to help out.  Which always proves difficult when I have Nicole in tow.  Marie and Damon came to keep my company (since Matt was at school) and to help watch Nicole so that I could help set up.

Friday, my work had a trick or treat in my office, so Matt brought Nicole over and she trick or treated.  She didn't understand the concept at first because I didn't practice with her before hand.  She was afraid to take candy from people she didn't know.  But, after realizing that she was getting candy, she started to just walk up to desks and take the candy without saying, "wick o' wee."  She really banked on candy at my office.

On Friday, Marie and Anthon's family and mine went on the Halloween Cruise again.  We went last year and really liked it, so we went again this year.  It probably would have been more fun if Nicole would have settled down.  She was wild on the boat!  She didn't want to sit down and hated that she had to wear a life jacket and was a ruckus.  Maybe we will wait until she is older and more mature before we try that adventure again.

After the cruise, we went back to our house for pumpkin carving.  Miranda and the kids came and Sarah and Mark came too.  It was a lot of fun!  Mostly because I recruited Hailey and Camille to help me with my pumpkin, so they did all the hard work and I got to stand back and praise them.

The kids were all really well behaved and seemed to have a lot of fun too.  Nicole loved playing with her cousins!

On Saturday, we went to Mom and Dad Kimballs to show off Nicole's costume and to go trick or treating.  Since it was raining pretty hard, we only went to three houses, but Nicole seemed to really enjoy it.  She got a ton of candy at my work, so she is definitely not lacking in candy.  Plus, we bought her special candy that is peanut free so that we could switch out her peanut infested candy for some she could actually eat.

It was an enjoyable Halloween!  I'll probably post more pictures when I actually get the ones from my camera.  These were all stolen from Marie.

Oh yeah, Nicole thinks that the giraffe says, "Moo."  Maybe it is because the giraffe has spots like a cow?  I'm not really sure where she got it from, but it was just too stinkin cute to correct her.  She went around mooing at people all weekend.


Jasmine said...

Who says the giraffe doesn't say moo? What DOES a giraffe say? Does anyone know?

Way cute!

Krista said...

So cute! Im really sad we missed out on the festivities :( Me and John ended up not doing anything, because we were both so tired and had so much homework! Im ready to be done with school!

Laura said...

I'm sad that I missed seeing her in her Mooing Giraffe costume. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Annette said...

Congratulations on having a boy! That is an adorable giraffe/cow.

Sarah said...

That Nicoley is just too cute.