Monday, November 22, 2010


We have been trying to get Nicole to go to nursery on her own for a few weeks now.  She has been allowed to go since September 30th.  But, she has not been able to stay for more than 30 minutes before they brought her back to us, her in tears.  This week, she was super tired and complainy and I thought for sure we would see her within 15 minutes of leaving her at the nursery, but then we didn't!  After an hour, I went over to peek at her to make sure she was okay and she was fine.  She was playing and having fun and not crying.  Yay!  She stayed the whole time without incident.

Well, we did send her with a pacifier, which was an oversite on my part.  This was probably why she was okay, she was able to soothe herself.  But, we were asked not to send the pacifier again as children kept trying to steal it from her for themselves.  So, we shall see how she does next week.  *crosses fingers*


Sarah said...

At my nursery I used to just keep the kids even if they were crying. They eventually calmed down (usually) and became acclimated to nursery. The key is distraction!

Jasmine said...


I'm with Sarah -- they shouldn't be bringing her back to you every time she's crying. When we put Alexis into nursery, she did fine for several weeks then suddenly started freaking out when we went to drop her off. The first week, I stayed with her for a while till she was ok before going to class, but I ended up going back to stay because they were short-handed. The next couple of weeks, the nursery leader literally took Alexis from my arms screaming and told me not to worry about it and that she'd calm down. After two weeks of that, she was more than fine in nursery--in fact she was BEGGING to go! So maybe Nicole just needs to cry it out for a few minutes for a couple of weeks before she figures out that it's fun to be there. If they keep bringing her to you every time she cries, she's going to think that's what's supposed to happen.

Just my two cents...

Marie said...

I agree. I've only been a sub in nursery, but I never brought a kid to their parents. Some cried, but they eventually stopped. One of the moms was shocked at the end of church because her son stayed the whole time with me. I was surprised because he was just fine the whole time.

So are no kids allowed to have pacifiers in there?