Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Stress

So this year I offered to host Thanksgiving for the Kimballs. With my family and the Kimball family our numbers come to 13 people.  I figured if we put an extra table in my front room, we would have enough space for everyone for Thanksgiving dinner.

But, somehow I forgot that when you host Thanksgiving, people tend to flock to group dinners.  First I invited Sarah and Mark so that they had a place to go this year. 15 people, still doable.  Then, Kristy asks if Omar's parents can come... 17 people... okay, I can make that work.  Then, Momma Kimball asks to invite another couple who are the children of neighbors from Washington. 19 people, now I'm nervous.  Then, DJ asks if he can bring a roommate.  20 people, crap.  How am I going to fit 20 people in my little 1400 square foot house?

Matt is Mr. Cool and of reassures me that with two extra table we will all fit and be fine.  I, on the other hand, feel nervous.  If I have three long tables, with 6 people to a table, I still only get 18 people seated.  So, either I have to squish people, eat in shifts, or more likely, Matt and I will be standing in the kitchen eating.  Plus, then I have people eating in my living room and family room and hopefully they don't spill on my carpet (especially the kids).  And if there are tables in my living room and family room.  Where will I send the kids to play?

Maybe it is just the pregnancy talking and I just need to chill out.  But, it is my first Thanksgiving that I am hosting and I want it to go well and smoothly and I want people to like my food and my house and it makes me nervous.  I just need to chill I suppose and hope that everything goes fine.


Jasmine said...

Wow, that is a lot of people. Too bad you live in Utah and can't set up picnic tables outside.

Good luck!

Laura said...

Do you need to borrow anything from us? It will all go fine. People just like getting together on holidays and being with the people that they know and love. You and Matt are great cooks so your food will be great. Did you ask people to bring food too to help you out? That will take some of the stress off of you. Wish I could help.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

I'm sure you will pull it off splendidly! There is nothing wrong with people squishing and being friendly. I don't know all of the logistic details, but if I were you I would totally make a kids table in the dining room or put down drop cloths. Good luck!