Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Deanne's post has inspired me to record some of my favorite Nicole things.  I don't want to forget all the super cute things that she does right now and I know that I will if I don't write them down.

  • When we put Nicole in time out on the stairs, she immediately tries to give us kisses.
  • If I start to cry (as I often do while pregnant) Nicoley immediately starts crying too (real tears and all) and tries to climb up me to give me kisses.  She will not stop crying until I do.
  • Nicole likes to give kisses with her pacifier in her mouth.  She just makes the "mmmaaa" sound and presses the pacifier to our lips.
  • Nicole loves to give her cousin Olivia (2 months) kisses.  Unfortunately, she thinks that they have to be on the lips and she tries to force Olivia's face over until she can hit the lips.  Luckily, Anne is a patient and understanding mommy.
  • One of Nicole's favorite things to do is sing.  She currently sings (on her own and usually in the car) Old McDonald (she picks chicken almost every time), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Alphabet song, The Wheels on the Bus (she only knows the baby verse), and 5 little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree.  She is so stinkin cute when she sings.  She always gets the tune, but not always all the words.  If we interupt her in the middle of the song or try to prompt her on the words, she gets very mad at us.  She can sing it herself!
  • Nicole LOVES to make up songs.  She is always making up songs for herself.  She had a Night Night song that she made up that she sings a lot and we just love it.  But, she makes up songs about everything: Mee Mee's House, Mamma, Meow Meow Kitty, Daddy Home, Chicken, just whatever is on her mind.  She makes up her own tunes and everything.  Too cute!
  • Nicole has a recent interest in talking on the phone.  She picks up her play phone and says, "Hi Gragrah!  Love you.  Bye Gragrah" (Gragrah is grandma Kimball)  She will also say hello to Papa (grandpa Kimball), Daddy, Mommy, Coley, and Mee Mee.
  • If Matt or I are talking on the phone and Nicole notices, she immediately starts crying.  She does not like it when we talk on the phone.  Perhaps because we are talking and she is not, or maybe she just doesn't want us to pay attention to anyone but her.  I have tried to let her talk on the phone during these times to say hello and she always says "Bye" and shuts my phone, hanging up on the person.
I love my little Nicole and I try to savor the nights that we have time to play together.  I miss her so much during the day, but Matt always tells me all the cute things that she has done during the day and I know her daddy takes good care of her.  Nicole is now 25.5 pounds (yay, she gained 2.5 pounds in the last month!).  She is getting a little heavy for me to carry while I am pregnant, but it is difficult for me to tell my precious girl that I can't pick her up.


Deanne said...

What a little cutie!

Marie said...

I love hearing Nicoleyisms! Do this more often!

Sarah said...

Nicole is the most hilarious toddler in the world I think.

Adrianne Miller said...

She is getting so big. I know what you mean about lugging your kid around. Jack is almost 30 pounds and my back is killing me as it is!

Laura said...

I'm so glad you are recording her Nicoleyisms. keep it up because they will change and be even funnier and cuter.