Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dad Kimball

Tried to go and see Dad Kimball last night, but I came at a bad time and was unable to see him.  He has a full oxygen mask all the time now and is having a lot of trouble breathing.  We thought he was looking better, but yesterday things seemed to get worse with his breathing.

He was moved back to the Intermediate Care floor at midnight last night.  This is a good thing because he gets better care on that floor.  On the Oncology floor there are a lot of patients for the amount of nurses.  When he was on the Intermediate care floor before, there was one nurse for every two patients, so he had a lot more attention.

I will try again to see him today.

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Melinda & Charles said...

Thanks for updating us on Ralph and Claudia. It is greatly appreciated. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of your family. We love the Kimballs!