Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Back to Everyday

It was a busy weekend with a lot of family coming in for the funeral and Matt helping his mom with funeral arrangements. 

Saturday Matt was doing funeral preparation, so I had to clean the house for Sunday, when all the family would be congregating at our home. Marie was kind enough to come and help me get things clean and ready. It is always good to have Marie as a helper cleaner because her level of clean is much cleaner than my level of clean. The house ended up looking great.

Sunday, Matt and I woke up feeling sick (colds) but we went to church and it was a good thing we did. Nursery was super full with 15 kids this week. Most weeks we have between 8-10 and it isn't that bad, but those extra 5 kids make it all the more hectic. I was very impatient and was about ready to shout at children who were misbehaving. We only have these kids for two more weeks, then we will get a whole new group of children. Some of the kids I will miss, but others I am happy to see move on!

Sunday night we had about 30 people over at our house to mingle and eat. A whole heap of Kimballs and Aguileras were there. It was good that we were all able to be together in a casual setting before the funeral, even though it was a bit of work for Matt and I, we were happy to do it.

Monday was the funeral. It was an emotional day. But, Momma Kimball picked a great funeral home that took care of everything and we didn't have to worry about anything. It all went very smoothly and the service was very a good tribute to Dad Kimball and his life. Matt did especially well as he spoke during the service.

My Mom and Dad were there, which was great because they watched Nicole for us during the service. Then, Sarah and Mark took her home for her nap and took care of her for us so that we could go to the graveside and luncheon.

Momma Kimball's ward is wonderful. They set up this whole luncheon for family members and it was just so nice to have a meal as a family and not have to worry about the food or the clean up or anything. I was really touched by how loving the ward could be even though Momma Kimball has only been in the ward for a couple of months. It is just another testament to how inspired the church is in its fundamentals.

Marie and my Mom went and took over watching Nicole so that Sarah could go to work and Matt and I could take Momma Kimball home.

Thanks to all the family and friends that have been supportive at this time. Matt and I really appreciate it. We feel your love and your prayers for us. Now that the funeral is over, we can now move forward and get back to the everyday. We are still sad and still grieving, but we have the peace that comes with knowing that things will be okay, and that the sadness will not last forever.


Marie said...

It was a good funeral. Very spiritual and a beautiful tribute to Ralph.

Laura said...

I really enjoyed the funeral. Matt and his siblings did a beautiful job of sharing sweet (and funny) memories of their dad.