Monday, December 06, 2010

Kimball Extended Update

Last weekend seemed like the weekend of hospitals... again.  First, Grandma (Nedra) Kimball (Matt's Grandma) broke her hip and was in the hospital for surgery.  Then, Dad (Ralph) Kimball's cold that he got early in the week quickly turned to pneumonia and he went into the hospital on Friday.

Matt has been back and forth to the hospital all weekend.  I went with him on Saturday while Marie and Anthon watched Nicole for us (kids aren't allowed in the Intermediate Care unit).  They have Dad Kimball on antibiotics and a nebulizer for the pneumonia, but since he has lung cancer, it was really not a good thing to get pneumonia.  He seemed to be in good spirits (though it may have been because Momma Kimball had brought him some delicious See's hard candy). 

Since Saturday, they have moved him out of Intermediate care, to the Oncology floor.  I am taking this as a good sign.  He is no longer in quarantine, so we can finally bring Nicole with us to the hospital and we no longer have to wear masks to his room. They are keeping Dad until the middle of this week at least and we will just have to see from there.

Grandma Kimball's surgery went well and she will be released today or tomorrow.

I really hate the hospital when I'm going there to visit sick people.  Can't it all be babies and happiness?

I will keep the blog updated on Dad in case any of the Kimball's are reading.


Deanne said...

I'm sorry about all of the hospital visits. I hope all goes well. We'll keep your family in our prayers.

Sarah said...

That would be really nice. Mark and I pray for you guys and Matt's family.