Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Socks and Wipes

Just the last couple of days, when we have put Nicole down for her naps, we find that she has been getting into things in her room.  We don't keep a lot of things in her room.  Just a box of toys, her books, the diaper changing stuff, and a dresser with her clothes in it.

Two days ago I put Nicole down for her nap, which she always takes, and after about 20 minutes I went in to check on her.  She was surrounded by wipes in her bed.  She had pulled all the wipes out of the box and brought them to her bed and fell asleep with them.  I don't know how she could stand the smell of them when she was sleeping, but it was the first time she had done this so I laughed, cleaned up the wipes and put the box in the drawer so she wouldn't get into them again.

The next day, Matt put her down for her nap and went in to check on her after 20 minutes and she was surrounded by wipes, again, and all the contents of her top drawer (socks and pajamas).  Apparently, she knows how to get the wipes out of the drawer.  Matt took everything off the bed and threw it on the floor.  When I went to wake her later, all the clothes were back on the bed.  She had woken up, moved everything back to the bed and had gone back to sleep.  What a weirdo.

Last night, I put Nicole down for the night and went to check on her 30 minutes later and she was still awake, and her bed was covered with all of the clothes from all of the drawers. I threw everything on the floor and left her again.  I would not be surprised if all the clothes made their way back to the bed.

I'm not sure if she is doing this because she can, because she really wants her clothes with her while she sleeps, or to show us that she is upset about being put in her bed.  I just hope that it is all a phase.  I don't like refolding laundry again and again.


Laura said...

I love it! Just a reminder, your sister, Marie used to take all the clothes out of her drawers when she was about 2 yrs old and then try on every piece of clothing. And she did it because she could. Don't worry though, it is a phase. Look at it as an opportunity to fine tune your folding skills.

Jasmine said...

Alexis has been doing that with the wipes for a long time, and it drives me nuts! It's like she wants to change her own diaper or something. Yesterday she emptied the entire dresser during quiet time. I started refolding everything and putting it into piles to put back into the drawers, and she started "helping" me by putting all the clothes back in the bottom drawer. I was so proud of her for helping without me asking that I didn't say anything, but the drawer won't close now.

Looks like girls learn to love their clothes young, huh. :)

Becky said...

Nicole also wants to change her own diaper. She is always getting the powder bottle and pulling open the top of her diaper and upending the powder into it (it is always closed though so there is no mess). But it is really cute and she says, "pow pow powereels" when she does it.

Marie said...

Nicole is the funniest little girl ever!