Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Home Evening

Last night Matt made pot stickers and I made fried rice for our Kimball Family Home Evening.  We had Momma Kimball, DJ, Kristy and Omar over for FHE.  The food turned out pretty good, but not as good as when we did pot stickers with Sarah and Mark.  Matt made the wonton wrappers from scratch and they weren't quite right, but we will perfect the recipe, oh yes, we will.

It was nice to have the Kimballs over to our house, as we have been gathering at Momma Kimball's so much lately.  Even though I love going to Momma Kimball's, it is a little small to accommodate large crowds and Nicole has a difficult time with crowds in general.  She has a little overcrowded anxiety.

We fed everyone last night and then I made them play games with me because you can't come over and eat my food and not play a game with me.  Games are my payment for food.  So, we played spinner and it was a lot of fun.  Nicole even sat at the table in her booster seat, playing with her own game while we played ours.  Usually, she is running around, causing a ruckus and driving me crazy, but she was such a good little girl.

Then, we played Boggle (one of my favorite games) and I totally annihilated the Kimballs.  It made me happy to be the best finder of words.  That is probably why Matt won't play Boggle with me very often.


Marie said...

Don't they know that Boggle is a Derington specialty?

Sarah said...

Seriously. I've been playing boggle since before I knew how to spell anything over three letters.

Laura said...

You are the Boggle queen! Glad that you had a good time with the Kimballs.