Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Too Annoyed!

I bundle up Nicole in her warm clothes, coat, boots, hat, and make a bottle for her.  I bundle myself up.  I pack a bag for Nicole with toys and things.  I go out to the garage (at 7pm at night), get the stroller out and put Nicole in to go.  I walk, while pushing the stroller, through icey snowy sidewalks, down four houses from us.  Only to discover when I finally get to my destination, a sign on the door of our activities committee chair that says the meeting has been moved to Sunday after church.

I don't even know why I try!  These are the same people who planned a meeting, but failed to tell the location (via email) until after church had started that it was AT THE CHURCH right after church.  But, of course, I don't get email while I am at church, and I didn't find out until we were home and already out of our church clothes.  It is just too frustrating!

These people wonder why committee members don't come to the meetings?  It is because you make it too difficult to come!

Luckily, the ward christmas party is our last event that we are planning and then the bishop is disbanding the committee.  The ward council will now plan all activities.  I will not be sad to see that calling go.  I know it would be really difficult to be a committee chair, but you can't do a crappy job and then complain about everyone else.


Laura said...

I hear you. Oh, wait, we were the activities committee chairmen. Been there and done that too. Good thing we were released a few weeks ago.

Marie said...

I can't stand un-planny people.