Monday, September 26, 2011

Bloody Nose

Yesterday, Matt was letting me take a nap while he played with Nicole. I awoke to Matt exclaiming, "There's blood all over you!" I jumped out of bed and was on my way downstairs when he called out, "It is okay, it is just a bloody nose."

I grabbed a ton of toilet paper and raced downstairs. Nicole was sitting on the stairs to the downstairs with her face turned away from me. Matt prepared me with, "It's okay, it is just a bloody nose."

Nicole turned her face and it was like a horror film! Her face was covered in blood. Not just below her nose, but all over her cheeks and chin and on her eyes and in her hair and down the front of her. I quickly covered it up with my handful of toilet paper because my heart was racing and I was starting to panic. I don't care who you are, if you see your child covered in their own blood, even if you know that it is a nose bleed, you freak out a little.

Matt got her up to the bath while I caught my breath and then I started cleaning blood out of her clothes and her blanket and her ugly bear (a post on the bear another time). She was fine and bleeding stopped after a few minutes but man was my heart a racing.

Apparently, she was just sitting quietly on the stairs while her nose bled and she tried to wipe the blood on things like her face and her blanket and her dress. And, once Matt had noticed, it had gotten a little out of hand. She didn't say anything, she was completely silent about it. Probably because she didn't know what was going on.

This whole ordeal reminded me of when I was watching Norm and Rand's kids at my house. I saw Tommy rubbing his face on the carpet and I thought, "Why is he doing that?" Then, he looked up at me and he was covered in blood. He had gotten a bloody nose and was trying to wipe off the blood and thought the carpet was the perfect place to do that. Silly kids. Don't worry, the blood came out of the carpet.

Well, it was Nicole's first bloody nose and we suspected it was because it is starting to get really dry right now and she cannot keep her fingers out of her nose. So, we turned on the humidifier in her room last night to prevent further bloody noses. This was a bad idea.

Any time we change something in her room (like get her a new night light) she has trouble sleeping. She does not like change and this was a loud, wind blowing humidifier. She woke up four times between 9pm and 1am. Then, at 1:30am, I figured out that she was afraid of the humidifier, so I turned it off. But, the damage was done and she was still very scared. She was awake until 3am, when I finally turned on a movie in her room because she just couldn't sleep and I felt bad for her. I realized how scared she was when I turned on her dvd player and the internal fan turned on and she freaked out, "Oh no, oh no! The fan is on again Mommy!" In her high-pitched, freaked-out voice.

I went back to bed at this point. at 4:30am, when the movie finished, she came into my room to tell me that it was over. I walked her back to her room, turned off the dvd player and put her back to bed. I sat with her for a little while and she finally went to sleep around 5am. Ugh! She is most likely sleeping in right now.

But, because I have two children, a mommy's work is never done. Though I went back to bed, Daniel woke up at 6:30am for his feeding. But, I had to get up anyway to get to work.

Needless to say, I am tired. And, we need a quieter humidifier.


Marie said...

Blood from your children is scary. The first time Damon got a bloody nose (because he accidentally shoved a pen up there) I started to freak out a little too. Luckily they seem to recover quickly.

Sarah said...

Crazy! Who knew kids got bloody noses so much? Can't wait for an ugly bear post.

Jasmine said...

That is scary. In terms of a quieter humidifier -- we have one shaped like a penguin from Target. It's super quiet, plus it looks like a friendly animal, so Alexis has no problem with it. In fact, sometimes it's the opposite problem, because she wants to play with it instead of going to bed.

Laura said...

I did my share of freaking out when you kids got bloody noses, scrapes, cuts, owies, etc. You get better at handling it with more practice...not that you want more practice. But it is inevitable, you will get more practice.