Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ugly Bear

So awhile ago I decided to try my hand at Amigurumi. What is that you say? It is crocheting or knitting stuffed animals. I decided to do something simple and start with a bear. I used pink yarn because that is what I already had and I have a little girl who loves pink.

Constructing the bear was not challenging, stuffing the bear was not challenging, but sewing it all together WAS challenging. It took several attempts to get the limbs and the head on, but I finally did it! Unfortunately, it ended up being a seriously ugly bear. Here is the end result.

I also had to embroider on a face. But, I quickly figured out that I am bad at sewing on a face to the bear. So, I ended up with only a nose and eyes. I did not put on a mouth because I couldn't figure out what a bear mouth looks like.

Nicole keeps saying, "Bear is hungry."
Then I say, "Feed Bear."
And she says, "Bear has no mouth."

Maybe I will have to figure out how to sew a mouth.

You'll notice the many threads coming off of Bear's limbs. This is because I can't figure out how to hide the ends. What I usually do for afghans does not work because Nicole plays with bear and the strings keep coming out. The arm has fallen off once, both ears have fallen off and the left leg is close. I cannot figure out how to keep the limbs on. This results in the ugliest bear ever.

But, Nicole LOVES this bear. She could barely wait for me to finish sewing it all together. She sleeps with it, she carries it everywhere with her. When a piece falls off, she cries until I sew it back on. So, even though I think the bear is a complete failure, Nicole loves the bear more than any of her other toys.


Marie said...

The bear is a huge success! Nicole loves it and it is your first time making one.

Rebecca Susan said...

Cannot describe how much I love this! Too perfect.

Sarah said...

I got to see the construction of the bear in action. Just look up a teddy bear picture for the mouth, eh.

Lisa said...

It's not ugly, it's cute... even more so because Nicole loves it. I've seen mouths where you make a vertical line straight down from the nose and then a smile forms on either side of the bottom of the line. Or just a half-circle. Either way, the bear has to eat! :)

Laura said...

Children see with the eyes of love. You made that bear with a lot of love for Nicole. It is the most beautiful bear in the world.