Friday, September 16, 2011

Where Have You Been?

I've been in training all week for work, so I haven't been posting. But, here I am now, posting!
I got to watch Marie's little buddy boy last night for a little over an hour and it was a lot of fun. Damon has a little man's voice. His voice is so much deeper than either of my kids that it is shocking when he is over because he likes to make sounds a lot.

While Damon was over, I had to go and put Daniel down for the night and when I went back downstairs, Damon was sitting on the floor in front of the fridge. He had pulled down all of the alphabet letters and was trying to put them back on the fridge. Unfortunately, he kept putting them on the fridge magnet side out, so it would just slide off. Then, he would yell at it and try again. I helped him put all the letters back on the fridge, but my putting them back on the fridge only seemed to upset him. Funny boy.

When Anthon came to pick up Damon, Damon was at the top of the stairs (cuz he was playing in Nicole's room, I don't just leave babies at the top of the stairs) with a big stuffed lamb. When Anthon came in the door, Damon freaked out, "Da da da da da..." And then he started bouncing on the lamb really fast. He was very excited to see Anthon. The bouncing on the lamb looked hilarious! It was like he was trying to dance with excitement or something. It is possible that you just had to be there.

Anyway, it was fun to play with Damon for a little while, I love that kid.

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Marie said...

Awwww.....that's my little buddy. Loud and loves his daddy. He loves his cousins Coley and Daniel.