Thursday, September 08, 2011


Things I hear myself say to Nicole... all the time.

  • Don't play with Mama's kitchen stuff.
  • Don't put your magnets in the butter tray.
  • No! No more "oh no-s."
  • Stop crying! There is nothing to cry about.
  • No more "I'm hungry." (she says this all the time, even when there is food in front of her face. Even when there is food in her mouth.)
  • Don't sit on Dan.
  • Don't kick your brother.
  • Don't go back there Nicole.
  • Don't stand on the tray.
  • Don't put Dan's pacifiers on your feet.
I would like to believe that most of what I say to Nicole is positive. But, some days, it is just feels like I am reining her in from injuring herself or Daniel or from driving me crazy. I tell her all the time that she is a good girl or a sweet girl or a big girl, but I hear myself saying the other things a lot and I remember it because my own voice annoys me when I say it.


Sarah said...

Her legs look crazy long in that picture. She's got a thing about putting things on her feet, doesn't she?

Marie said...

Kids. They are naughty. I don't know how a parent could not say no all the time when they are about to break something or hurt someone. It's just how it is. I think as long as she knows you love her (which she does) then she'll turn out ok.

Laura said...

Believe it or not, as a child, I had a list of things in my head that I vowed that I would never say to my children because I hated it when my mom would say them to me. I never wrote it down because I was sure that I would remember each phrase. Well, I didn't...until I heard my mother's voice came out of my mouth as I said one of those phrases to you kids. :( It is easy to say the same things over and over again. We don't have to expend much brain energy to try to come up with something new and more effective. Everybody does this. I actually think that you are doing a great job. You explain things to your kids way better than I ever did. Keep up the good work. It will get easier...I just can't promise when.