Monday, September 12, 2011

Mommy, You're Fat

The other day, Nicole was playing with her toys and she looked up at me and said in the sweetest voice ever, "Mommy, you're fat!"

Shocked, I said the only thing I could, "Thanks Nicole."

Yesterday, she was changing her clothes and she said to Matt, "I'm Fat!" And proudly smacked her tummy.

Then, I began to think... Why is my 2 year old talking about being fat?

And then I realized, we tell Dan, all the time, that he is fat.

"You're such a fatty!"
"You're so fat."
"My little fatty lumpkins."

Are just a few of the things that I will say to Dan.

Nicole often repeats what I say and I should have realized earlier that she would pick up on this because we all say it so often to Dan as a compliment. He IS a fatty baby and it is an indicator that he is healthy, so we say it to compliment him. So, logically, Nicole assumes that telling someone they are fat is a compliment.

I just hope she doesn't say it to someone who would take offense. We are considering changing what we say to Dan. Instead of fat, he shall be healthy.


Laura said...

Out of the mouths of babes....:) You are right, a 2 yr old would think that being called "fatty lumpkins" is a term of endearment. However, if she says it to her grandma...not so much.

Marie said...

Maybe we should all consider being called fat a compliment. Nicole's starting a new trend!