Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mommy Tip Tuesday

Frustrated Mommies, I am here to tell you what I do when I am at my wits-end with frustration. When everything my kids do starts to bug me and I have no patience left. This does not happen all that often to me because I am a working mom and do not get to spend all day, every day, with my kids, but during the long weekend, I discovered that I am not immune to mommy frustration.

So, what do I do when I just can't hear Nicole cry one more time?

Just Dance!

It is exercise, it is a game, Nicole likes to play it too, so I don't actually have to have someone take over watching the kids while I get my frustrations out, and it is awesome.

When I'm frustrated, I just dance it out. Just DANCE!

I used to do the dishes, but that really only makes me more frustrated because then Nicole tries to help and then she cries because the dishes are wet and then it just makes things worse. I would do regular exercise like using my eliptical, but Nicole likes it too much and thinks it is a toy and the frustration begins again. So, I shall dance if I want to, I will leave my cares behind.

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Jill & Jake said...

Also works great on 9, 7, and 5 year olds too.

Lisa said...

An excellent idea. :)