Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes!

We went to our ward Halloween party on Tuesday, so I got the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and took pictures of them. The party was a lot of fun! Every year they do a soup potluck (yum!) and this year they had the young men and young women set up games for the kids.

There was fishing, bowling, duck toss, golf, web maze, and balloon room maddness. Nicole had a LOT of fun! I like the ward Halloween parties alot more since my kid is finally old enough to enjoy it for herself. Here are pics of the kids in their costumes.

Daniel as a pumpkin at 6.5 months

Nicole as the same pumkin at 7 months
Nicole now with her goofy smile.


Sarah said...

And I quote you from this post "I like the ward Halloween parties alot more . . . " Have you seen Alots at other Halloween parties? Your ward must have the best Alot. Nicole and Dan look almost exactly alike in those pumpkin pictures. Super dooper cute.

Marie said...

Super cute kids! I love that you got both of them in the same costume around the same age.

I went to your ward Halloween party last year. Yummy soups.

Watch out for that Alot.

Laura said...

I have the cutest grandkids of anybody. I love them all ALOT!