Friday, October 07, 2011


Because I love my kids and because I think this is just too cute, I made some little owl hats for my littluns.

I found a free pattern for this hat here. And I thought it would look awesome on my Dan (which it does).

I made Dan's first and I made a few adjustments to the pattern. Like I added a colored iris to the eye. And, I neglected to do a single crochet around the whole hat on Dan's cuz I'm the worst. Dan's really was a trial run. But, it didn't turn out too bad. It took me about 4 hours to make his.

Then, when Nicole saw Dan's hat, she wanted one. But, because the pattern is for baby heads, I had to try and figure out how to make that hat bigger for Nicole on the fly. I made one hat and it was WAY too big for her. It fit me, that is how I know. So, I tried again and made another hat and it was a little small, but I said, "Oh well." And forced it on her head.

Nicole's hat turned out a lot better because I learned from my mistakes with the first hat. And, it would look even better if it was just slightly bigger. I think maybe she will just stretch it out. This hat also went faster because I didn't have to look at my pattern as much because I had done it once before. This hat took 3 hours to make.

After I had already given the hats to the kids and taken pictures of the kids in the hats, I went and bought buttons for the eyes. I've never bought buttons before and I didn't realize how darn expensive they are! I paid 30 cents a button! I'm thinking I need to raid my mother's button tin for the next owl hat I make because that is just a lot of money for a bitty bitty button.

So, anyway, I sewed on the buttons this morning before I came to work and here are the hats with their eyes.

Yes, that is a camera strap in this pic. I'm the worst photographer.

I think that they look much better and less alien with their little eyes. So, now I'm on a kick and I want to make more owl hats and do different kinds and color combinations. I think I might have an obsession. It is like the year that I crocheted scarves for everyone because I liked making scarves.

So, if you have a baby coming or a baby already here, you just may be getting an owl hat from me. I do take requests if you are someone that I like and/or are related to. For the low/low price of the cost of yarn and expensive buttons, you to can make your baby an owl. If you are not someone I like or are related to... then you can have a handmade owl hat for $22. What a steal!


Adrianne Miller said...

Wow! Talent. I can't make anything except a mess.
Do you like me? Cause I have a baby head that would look real cute with a pink owl on it. Just saying.

Marie said...

Holy crap those are cute! Good job! You know Damon needs one.

Sarah said...

Ahhhh! They're cuter than I imagined they would be. I'm so excited to get mine. I hope it has similar colors to Dan's, and I especially like the addition of the buttons. Really makes the hat cute.

Angela said...

I am going to have to make one of those for my oldest, she loves owls. Too cute!

Annette said...

Those are so cute! I'm very impressed. Amazing that you can accomplish that between work and mothering.