Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Do You Hate Your Parents?

I'm starting to think that my children hate us. The past two nights have been awful! Two nights ago, Daniel woke up crying 30 minutes after we put him to bed. He cried for what seemed like forever with no reason that I could see. Matt shielded me from this and he took care of the baby so that I could sleep so that I could work.

Nicole, two nights ago, would not stay in her bedroom at bed time. She repeatedly came out of bed and into our room and we just kept putting her back every time and explained to her that it was bedtime and time to stay in her room. She wouldn't stop and we eventually had to lock our door so that she would stop coming into our room. We can't really lock her in her own room because the lock is on the inside and then she would be locked in there forever. And that would be bad.

Last night, we had the same Nicole situation and had to lock her out again. She has no interest in wandering the house or anything like that, she just wants to be in our room at bedtime. Perhaps this is because Dan sleeps in our room and she does not. But, when we attempted to have Dan sleep in her room, it was a disaster. They would not stop playing at it was 10:30pm before we finally separated them and got some sleep.

So, Dan and Nicole were both really naughty last night. Matt let me go to bed at 10:30pm, but he stayed up putting Nicole back into her room until 2am! At which time, Dan also woke up and started crying. Kids! They think day is sleeping time and night is awake time. I chipped in and helped at 2am so that Matt could sleep. I finally got both kids back asleep at 3:30am. Then, I went back to bed.

Dan woke up at 6:30am. Nicole woke at 6:45am. Just awesome... I bet they are going to take a long nap today. Maybe I just need to put them both in the same room and try it again and bear through a few nights of staying up late until the novelty wears off and then they learn to go to sleep together easily.


Marie said...

Wowzers. Kids. Spanking land.

Sarah said...

You just need to get one of those safety door handle things from Target or Wal Mart, then Nicole won't be able to open her own door from the inside, but you will.

Jasmine said...

I'm all about the child-lock door knob covers. We had a similar problem with Alexis, and one day it finally clicked. Now she only gets out of bed if she really needs something. Also, sleeping both kids in the same room is awesome, because they "talk" or sing for a few minutes, then they go to sleep. I was worried that Alexis might try to climb into the crib with Cassie or that she would go wake her up, but she doesn't. Plus, since they both wake up at the same time now, they keep each other entertained instead of Cassie crying until I get there.

Angela said...

We did the safety covers with the older two at that age. Now with Phoebe we put a hook and eye lock on the outside (because the door doesn't latch.) My kids are not allowed out of their room at that age. They scream and throw a fit the first few times but then they learn and bedtime is so much easier.

Also in my experience they learn to get used to each other sharing a room. Perhaps try putting them to bed separately.