Friday, October 14, 2011

Missing My Kids

I see my kids every day. I get to see them from 4:30pm until 9pm everyday. I get to see them even more on the weekends, but I still find myself missing my kids. Even when Nicole is driving me crazy because she won't stop taking the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, I still love her to death and would rather be with her than anywhere else. I seriously love my two kids. So, everyday, when I have to go to work, I find myself missing them very much.

Before I had kids, I didn't even really like kids. They are annoying and sticky and loud and messy. But, then I had my beautiful Nicole and I fell in love with her big brown eyes and her sweet little voice. And then I had Dan and I fell in love with his baby comb over and his chubby knees. I didn't know I could love two kids so much. I love them so much that I sacrifice everything for them. All my actions are, in some way, to serve them.

I go to work everyday so that they can have a house to live in and food to eat and clothes to wear. I go home everyday and spend my time feeding them, bathing them, playing with them. And then I do it all over again the next day. And I would do it forever because I love my kids that much. But, I miss them. I want to squish their little cheeks and see them grow and learn, but I'm a working Mom, so I miss a lot.

I didn't realize how fast kids grow until I started working and the time seemed to fly by. I swear that I was just barely pregnant with Dan, and now he is six months old (today). So, I shall savor my time with them. Stare into their cute chubby faces and treasure my moments with them. And kiss them nine times so that they know how much their mommy loves them.


Marie said...

That would be really hard to go to work everyday as a mom. They are getting to spend quality time with their dad that most kids don't get and pretty soon you will get to stay home with them.

Laura said...

I understand your feelings. Just know that you are doing an amazing job as a mom. And Matt is an amazing dad. Your sacrifice will all work out in the end.