Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Funny things by Nicole.

Nicole: Mama you are fat!
Me: That's not very nice sweetheart.
Nicole thinks...
Nicole: Mama, you are a good runner!
(The second best compliment she could think of.)

I start feeding Dan a bottle. Nicole runs upstairs.
Nicole comes back downstairs holding a baby doll and my hooter hider.
Nicole: Baby is hungry.
Me: Okay sweetheart, are you going to feed baby?
Nicole: Uh huh.
Nicole puts on hooter hider around her neck, puts baby doll under the hider, lifts up her shirt and puts baby doll to her belly button.
(everyone else in the room is laughing at her at this point and I have to be straight faced Mommy because she knows when we are laughing at her and she is very sensitive and will start to cry)
Me: Good job sweetheart, you are feeding baby!
Nicole: Baby is done.
Takes baby out and takes off hooter hider. Then, she grabs a burp cloth, puts it on her shoulder and burps her baby.
It was so very funny, but I could not laugh at her for fear that she would cry.

Riding in the car on the way home one night.
Me: Nicoley, look at the moon!
Nicole: I see it, it is white!
Me: Yes, it is white.
A mile later.
Nicole: Mama, the moon is following me.


Marie said...

Nicole is the funniest!

Laura said...

Seeing the world through your child's eyes is amazing, funny and adorable.