Monday, October 03, 2011


The other day, Nicole decided that it was time for a sleepover with all her friends. So, she did this.

But, then, there was not any more room on the pillow for the other "friends." So, she asked me for more pillows. I gave her two off of my bed and she did this.

I guess bunny and herself didn't make the cut to actually lay on the bed. Nicole has been doing this a lot lately. Putting her animals to bed. I don't get why it is so fun. Perhaps because she gets to be the Mommy? It is cute either way.


Sarah said...

Gotta take care of those friends. Almost as good as feeding the baby the other night. She's hilarious!

Marie said...

She is a gracious host. Letting the animals sleep in the bed and she slept on the floor.

Deanne said...

That is adorable!