Monday, June 06, 2011

Baby Blessing

Yesterday we blessed our Daniel Alan. When we blessed Nicole, we were very excited because it was our first child and we invited everyone that we knew to come and it was chaos. Our little house was never meant to hold so many people. So, having learned our lesson last time, we just invited parents and siblings this time. It was a much more manageable crowd.
 Many people go with a white outfit for blessings, but this is not a requirement (contrary to popular belief). So, instead of buying a white suit that he would only wear once, Momma Kimball gave us this super cute purple suit and we put him in that for the blessing.
 I also dressed Nicole in her beautiful purple dress so she would match. I also wore purple. Matt did not wish to wear a purple tie, so he was the odd man out on Sunday. It is okay though, he still looked good in his "Kristy wedding" tie. It seems like he only gets new ties when someone gets married, but that is okay with me.
 Daniel was a happy little boy and was very good during the blessing.
 It was a very nice blessing for our little man; Matt did a great job. I imagine that it is a wonderful feeling to use the priesthood to bless your own children. I'm very grateful to have Matt as my husband.

 After sacrament, we had everyone back to our house for lunch. We made very easy stroganoff sandwiches and they were a success! We had plenty for everyone. Momma Kimball and Anne were a big help with getting all the food ready.
 My Mom, Kristy, Momma Kimball, Miranda, Sarah, Marie, and Anne all contributed to the lunch so everything was very easy. The sisters and the moms really stepped it up and it was all delicious.
It was nice to spend some time with my family and Matt's family and just enjoy my last day with my children before going in to work today. I'm very happy with my little family. I couldn't be more lucky.


Marie said...

Great day, great food, super cute baby. Success!

Lauren said...

So cute Becky! I love his suit! Your little family is so sweet. Good luck going back to work. I hope the transition goes well. :)

Rebecca Susan said...

I love his little suit! He looks lke he's very alert:)

Laura said...

It was a wonderful blessing and we are grateful for our wonderful family.