Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mommy Tips Tuesday

My sister Marie and I decided that we should start sharing our vast baby knowledge with the throngs of people who read our blogs. Okay, like 12 people read my blog and like 35 read hers, but all the same.

I have a couple of sisters having babies this year, so, for the next few weeks, Marie and I will be sharing our favorite baby items with you! I am re-experiencing all my favorite baby things as I have a new baby in my house.

If any of my friendly bloggers want to join in on Mommy Tips Tuesdays, I will link your blog in my posts, but for now, it is just me and Marie.

Fisher Price Precious Planet2-in-1 Projection Mobile

My babies love this mobile! It is a mobile, a music box, and a light projector. Nicole loved the heartbeat sounds, but Daniel loves the nature sounds and all babies love lights! 

Plus, it comes with a remote, so you can turn it on without waking up the baby. The mobile comes off when baby is big enough to attack it and then it is just a music box and it projects lights onto the ceiling. Nicole used this until she moved to her big girl bed at 18 months, so even older babies love it.

Daniel falls asleep to this mobile. I don't have to rock him or feed him to sleep at night; I just put him in his crib, stick in a pacifier, turn on this mobile and he falls asleep all by himself.

It is also great because it is gender neutral. A lot of baby items are either for a boy or a girl, but this one I have been able to use for both of my babies.

It is a pricier mobile at over $40, but I think it is totally worth the investment. You also need 4 D batteries to run it, and it takes up a lot of power, so don't go buying those cheap batteries to run it or you will think that it eats batteries because you will be changing them every four weeks. Be a big spender and buy the $5 Energizer batteries, you will save money in the end.


Jasmine said...

I've actually been meaning to do a post like this, so I'll let you know when I do. :) Great idea!

Laura said...

I like "Mommy Tips Tuesday." It's kind of catchy. And even though you don't have 7 children...yet, you and Marie have a lot of kid knowledge that you can share with others. Great idea!