Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Dentist Trip

A few days ago we noticed a discoloration on one of Nicole's teeth that wouldn't come off after brushing her teeth. Then, Nicole started to complain that her tooth hurt. Matt felt the tooth and discovered that the discoloration was a pit in her front tooth.

So, I called our dentist (Dr. Prince, we love him!) and made an appointment for my sweet two year old girl. Yesterday, we kept telling Nicole, "We are going to the dentist today! The dentist looks at your teeth." Then, Nicole would smile and show us her teeth.

We went to the dentist and Nicole was a very brave girl. She sat in the big dentist chair and let the dentist look at her tooth.

Nicole "smiling" for me before the appointment
The dentist said that it didn't look like any decay had occured in the tooth, but if she kept complaining about it, that he would refer us to a pediatric dentist. Apparently, normal dentists do not work on children under 3 years of age. He wouldn't even touch Nicole, he just sat back and looked at the tooth while I peeled back her lip.
Nicole in the dentist chair, refusing to look at me.
So, yay! No work on the teeth for Nicole, but we are still going to watch that tooth to see if it gets worse. I hope it doesn't get worse until August because Nicole is not yet on our dental insurance. I didn't think a two year old needed to be on dental insurance. Now I know better.

Nicole got a little bracelet for her trip to the dentist it lasted until we got back to the car and then she started crying because she had broken it. Oh well!


Laura said...

I'm glad that you are concientious parents and brush your child's teeth.

Jenna said...

Not a lot happened during her first visit to the dentist, but her being brave is still something to be proud about! Kudos to the kid for being brave! Of course, it's best to get her ready for her second visit, which is as important as the first. Good luck!

-Jenna Schrock