Monday, April 16, 2012

Add Another Allergy to the List

Sunday, we decided that to celebrate Dan turning 1, we would introduce him to eggs for the first time ever. I scrambled up some cheesy eggs for the kids for breakfast and served them up to the kids. Nicole loves eggs and fangoriously devoured hers. Dan tasted them, had a few and then started throwing them on the ground.

Then, 3 minutes after than, Dan started getting spots on his face, and then on his neck and continually moving downward. Dan is allergic to eggs. We grabbed the benadryll and gave him a dose and the spots cleared up within 20 minutes, but then these deep, dark, red circles appeared under Dan's eyes. The benadryll was not sitting well with Dan.

Matt stayed home with Dan while Cole and I went to church and when I got home Dan was feeling a lot better. Thank goodness! But, that is just another thing to add to the list. Why do my kids have food allergies? Nicole is allergic to peanuts, and the hormones/antibiotics in milk and eggs (we went organic to avoid this). My poor kiddos.


Marie said...

Oh no. Poor Dano. You could probably wait a year or two and try them again. Allergies are the worst!

Rebecca Susan said...

:( Its a good thing none of my kids have any allergies (that we know of). I'm terrible with the whole waiting-til-certain-ages-and-introducing-foods-one-at-a-time thing. By about 7 or 8 months, I'm generally just dumping small servings of whatever we're eating on the high chair tray and letting them go at it. I'm very, very fortunate no one has ever had a reaction. Sorry you have to deal with that--but on the bright side, I've read that most kids who show an allergy to eggs early on outgrow it by the end of toddlerhood. Good luck!