Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Damon Day!

Last week Matt watched Damon for Marie while she was doing makeup for a movie. Damon and the kids played really well together and Matt said that Damon is so easy to take care of.

Damon was such a good eater! He ate way better than my kids do. Matt said he just ate up all his lunch without fussing or anything. Like he was hungry or something. I fed him dinner and he just took handfuls of eggs and rice and shoved them into his mouth. Messy, but so easy to feed.

Damon and Nicole decided that they needed to try on hats. Damon is beautiful in this Easter hat.

Nicole went for a too small sun hat. Her head gets bigger all the time. We need to buy her a new hat.

Damon and Nicole love giving hugs. But, Damon prefers giving hugs to Dan because then he is the dominant hugger.

Nicole fell asleep on the love sac and Damon went and grabbed a blanket and layed down next to her. He didn't actually nap, but he liked playing nap.
Damon was so easy to watch. He is such a funny little guy.


Marie said...

I love it! Damon loves his cousins so much! They are so cute together. I'm glad they all got along and had fun. Thanks for watching him.

Sarah said...

So cute! Awwww...yup, we need to visit a lot so Jack can have cousin times.