Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mommy Tip Tuesday

When we got back from Vegas, I changed Dano's diaper and he had a bad diaper rash. I feel so bad when the babies get diaper rash. I know that it hurts when I have to wipe him clean and change him, but I have to do it because sitting in his own filth would only make his poor rash worse.

I have tried a few different diaper rash ointments to help with my babies' ailing bums. And here is my evaluation on them.

A+D Diaper Rash Ointment
I got this from the hospital when I had Nicole. Here are the pros and cons of this ointment.

  • Has a strong medicinal smell
  • Doesn't heal the diaper rash quickly, it could take over a week to heal the rash
  • Doesn't hurt when I put it on baby's bum
I don't really care for this ointment because it doesn't heal the rash quick enough, but I use it when I can't find my other creams.

Desitin Creamy
I got this on a recommendation from a sister. These are the pros and cons of this cream:
  • It works fast and will heal the diaper rash within a few days, depending on the rash
  • It hurts when I put it on baby's bum. Both my babies have cried when I put this on their diaper rash
  • It has a strong smell, but it isn't unpleasant
I used this for Nicole and started using it for Dan until I just couldn't use it anymore because it hurt him too much.

Butt Paste
 I got this also on a recommendation from a sister. These are the pros and cons of this cream:
  • This cream smells good.
  • This cream doesn't hurt baby when I put it on his bum
  • This cream heals the bum within a few days
  • Dan loves playing with the bottle... don't know why
This is my favorite cream. It has all the things I want and the only time that I don't use it is when I can't find it.

When the diaper rash is so bad that it has caused bleeding sores, I apply a little neosporin before I put on the diaper rash cream. It says on the neosporin bottle not to use it for diaper rash, so I don't recommend it, but I find it heals opens sores on the bum faster than the diaper rash ointment.

One thing that I do to prevent diaper rash is that I put baby powder in every diaper I change. Whether there is diaper rash or not, I always use powder because if I don't, then the baby WILL get a diaper rash. Baby powder does not prevent all diaper rash, obviously, but it helps. If my baby is going to have 4 poopy diapers in 6 hours, a diaper rash is inevitable.

I hate diaper rash. I hate so much to have to change diaper rash diapers and cause my baby more pain. I wish there was a magical solution for diaper rash, but until there is, I will use Butt Paste.


Sarah said...

Jack had a little bit of diaper rash when he was just a little newborn and we used the buttpaste. It was awesome. I like it also (you told me to get it too...so thanks!). Now we powder for almost every diaper and he has never had it since. I'm not sure if he's just not pre-disposed to it...maybe it's the Huggies Natural wipes we use (they were on sale at Costco...we don't usually buy anything naturalish cuz it's usually more expensive). Anyway. No diaper rash in this house! :)

Marie said...

When Damon had diarhea one time he got a reeeeeally bad diaper rash. I got a perscription diaper rash cream from the doctor and his rash was significantly better overnight. I use Buttpaste when the rash isn't an open wound and the perscription stuff when it is.

Jasmine said...

We used Butt Paste for one tube's worth, because someone had given us a tube. But we switched to Desitin Maximum Strength (original ointment), and that stuff is AWESOME! It has a slightly stronger smell, but it's not overwhelming. It heals most rashes in a day, and the really bad ones in two or three. My kids seem to like when it's put on, and we call it the "feel-good-cream" so they know it's going to help them.

A note on the baby powder -- I was actually told by a nurse at the hospital and my pediatrician not to use the baby powder because it can be unknowingly inhaled by both you and the baby and cause major issues down the line.

Also, on Sarah's comment, I found with Alexis that certain wipes actually made her diaper rashes worse. All of these remedies and wipes and such probably depend a great deal on baby's skin and sensitivity, but it's nice to have multiple perspectives.

Becky said...

Jasmine, I had never heard that about baby powder. And I do inhale it all the time because it puffs out of the back of the diaper when the diaper is fresh. I've just never heard that it was bad for you.