Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Park Time

Now that it is getting warmer, we are able to go to the park when I get home from work. The park is just a few blocks north of us, so it is very easy to just walk on over.

My sweet little Dan has sensitive eyes and he always cries when the sun hits his face. I need to find this little man some sunglasses. He also could not take his eyes off Nicole playing. He loves that girl so much!

 Nicole is familiar enough with the park now that she is brave and just does whatever she wants in the park.

Dan has never really done anything but sit in the stroller at the park, but I was daring yesterday and let him crawl around a little.

Dan didn't have any shoes on because Dan has a little problem with keeping shoes on, so, his socks were covered in woodchips. But, he loved following Nicoley all around. Once he starts walking I know he will love the park even more.


Marie said...

I never really liked bringing Damon to parks until he could walk because it's no fun crawling around in a park.

Laura said...

Dan looks so cute. When he walks more, he will love going to the park and playing with Nicole.

Lisa said...

Morgan loves the park and I'm looking forward to seeing her and Jesse play together. I'm glad Dan likes to play with Nicole and that he loves her.