Friday, April 20, 2012


While I was home sick, Matt and I discovered a new App called Draw Something.

It is a game kinda like Pictionary. You draw a picture for another player and then that player guesses what it is and then draws a picture for you. It sounds really simple, but it is a lot of fun!

Matt and I play with each other. I love seeing what goofy and elaborate picture Matt is going to draw for me because it is always something crazy like a tongue golfing or a mad man butchering a chicken leg. It is so funny.

Playing with random people can be good and bad. Some people are really good at drawing and go all out while other people are super lame and just draw the word that I am suppose to guess.

But, since we were both home for a whole day, we played it a lot and are a little obsessed. If you have a tablet, download this App, it is super fun.


Sarah said...

I ain't got no apps. That one looks pretty fun though.

Marie said...

I'll add it to my apps.