Monday, April 09, 2012


Last weekend was a two day event of Easter fun for us Kimball's. On Saturday evening, we went over to Momma Kimball's and she had set up an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids in her backyard.

Nicole hunted for eggs while Dan sat with Lindy Mae. Nicole brought him eggs and Dan thought the eggs were great toys to play with.

Lindi Mae and Dan

We kept trying to get all the kids to look up to get a picture of them with the eggs, but they were all too interested in looking at their eggs and didn't want to look up. Alas.

Lucy, Olivia, Lindy Mae, Dan, Nicole and Carlitos

Dan giving me the one eyebrow

Dan got a hold of some malt balls and it didn't end well. There was a whole lot of drool and grossness and now I know not to give chocolate covered candy to a 1 year old.
 After the Easter egg hunt, we had a "passover" feast that Matt's sister Anne prepared for us. All I have to say about this is... I'm glad I'm not jewish. Bleh. But, it was thoughtful of Anne to prepare a special meal for all of us.

On Sunday, I did a small Easter egg hunt for the kids inside because that is how we did it when I was a kid. Indoor egg hunts!

Dan mostly just wanted to eat the M&Ms that he found on the ground and did the gross drooling thing again.
Dan did find a couple eggs on the ground and quickly figured out that if he threw them on the ground, they would break open and he could eat the candy inside.

Nicole thought it was funny that the eggs were in her new shoes.

Nicole thought the egg hunt was great and didn't care about the candy inside. She just likes to find the eggs. It is a fun game for her.

After our egg hunt and breakfast, we got all ready for church and attempted to get a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits.

Nicole looked so cute in her yellow dress! Dan the man did not want his picture taken because he was tired, so I didn't get a good pic of him, but he looked like a little man in his Easter outfit.

We went back over to Momma Kimball's for dinner and spent time with the Kimball's. I think the kids really enjoyed their Easter. Now I have to hide their candy and give it to them slowly as a treat.


Sarah said...

Looks like it was oodles of fun. The kids look super cute in their Easter outfits! Jack wore his blessing suit, but I didn't get a picture because I was le tired.

Marie said...

Kids love Easter because they get to find eggs and eat candy. Nicole is the perfect age for this too. It's so fun to watch them get excited about things.