Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20 Week Sisters

What the heck? Darn my short waist! Even though I am tall, my waist is really short. I'm all legs baby! Obviously, my sisters take after the Derington side, rather than the Moses side. I got the Moses waist, Moses hair, and the Moses nose. Okay, I don't mind the nose, but the other two! Oh, and I have the Moses flat head. Oh yeah, we have flat heads. It is like a board on the back of my head. My poor kids have flat heads too. Little block heads.


Sarah said...

Marie and I have flat heads also. We're all makers of babies!

Laura said...

What about the beautiful Moses face that you have? What about the long legs? What about your beautiful smile? They all come from the Moses side. Be grateful for all the wonderful things that you did inherit from both sides and make the most of it. Then don't sweat the stuff that you have no control over. You have a lot going for you Babe!

Marie said...

Ahhh, pregnancy.....still don't think I could go through with it again.