Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mommy Tip Tuesday

Yay! It is Mommy Tip Tuesday! Today's tip is on things that I want that I do not have.

Joovy Room Playard
Also available in black and blue
This playpen looks awesome. I have a Graco playpen that I got for free using my credit card points back when Nicoley was on her way. I didn't really get to choose my playpen, there was really only one available with my points. But, had I been choosing, I would have chosen this little gem.

This playpen can be a bassinet or a playpen, and it comes with a changing table. Which really isn't my thing since I change the baby on the bed and have never used the changing table on my Graco, but that might be a cool feature for some people.

The parent organizer on the side of the pen is awesome! Never underestimate the usefulness of baby storage. You could store diapering materials, baby blankets, baby clothes, whatever you want.

But, the all time best part of this playpen is the entertainment part. You can hook up your MP3 player to the pen and there are speakers inside so that you can play your own music to baby. When we were shopping for a mobile, Matt insisted that we find one that had classical music in it. I found one that met that requirement (see my other mommy tip for this mobile), but he still complained that it sounded digital and not instrumental. He always said that we should be able to hook up our ipod to the crib or the swing so that we could play baby whatever music that we wanted. Well, Joovy must have stolen his idea because they did it! I wish I had this feature!

Additionally, the playpen comes with a night light! How cool is that? I had to buy a night light for my room so that I could check on the baby in the middle of the night, but this one has one already built in! Jealous....

The biggest downside to this playpen is the price, at 270 dollars, it is quite the pricey item. Pricer than I could pay. That is more than I paid for my super awesome stroller (stroller post is soon to come).

But, if you have oodles of money, or if you have a generous benefactor, I would definitely go for this playpen. If you want to see this thing in action, check out baby gizmo's review.

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