Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy Tip Tuesday

To go along with my Mommy Tip last week, I am going to talk about nursing accessories.

My absolute favorite nursing accessory, my uddercover.

When I had Nicole, I wanted a nursing cover, so I bought a generic one at Target and I hated it! It was thin at the top (just as wide as my neckline) and wide on the bottom. It was NOT wide enough to cover me and baby while nursing. I used it the whole time, but secretly wanted a better one.

When I was expecting Daniel, I was sent a code for a free nursing cover from uddercovers.com and I got it. I love it! It is wide at the top, has boning in the neckline and it is a thin fabric so baby doesn't get too hot when I'm nursing. You can find codes for these covers for free all the time, just ask around.

My second favorite nursing accessory is the Boppy.
I love this horseshoe pillow. It makes nursing a lot easier! I can be hands free feeding my baby, which allows me to hold a book and read or help Nicole with whatever she needs, ect. Daniel doesn't like laying on the boppy anymore (mostly because he doesn't want to nurse). But, with Nicole, I used it for her first year for nursing. I also used it when she was learning to sit up. I put her in the middle of it and it was enough to prop her up and if she fell over, it was onto soft pillow. This does not work with Daniel. When I sit him in the middle of it, he does stiff body and falls back immediately. This boy does not want to sit up.

So, those two items made nursing a lot easier for me.

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Marie said...

Got 'em both and love 'em both. Must haves for nursing.