Monday, August 29, 2011

Wipe Out!

One of Nicoley's favorite shows is... Wipe Out.

Yes, I am talking about the show where people do ridiculous obstacle courses and hurt themselves and win a ton of money. Nicoley loves this show. Matt and I enjoy watching it and then Nicole started watching it with us. She gets very into the show and gets concerned when people get hurt or don't finish.

Nicole: "Oh no, oh no. She fell!"
After the person recovers and finishes the course.
Nicole: "Yay! He made it mama, he made it!"

She takes Wipe Out very seriously.

Here are some pics of my kids while Wipe Out is on in the background.


Marie said...

I was so surprised when Nicole asked to watch Wipeout the other day. It's hilarious that she loves it so much!

Sarah said...

Are those your bare legs? Scandalous.

Becky said...

Maybe they are Matt's bare legs, ever think of that?

Laura said...

I can see compassionate Coley being concerned when they get hurt or don't finish.

Jill & Jake said...

My kids love Wipeout. We keep at least 5 episodes on the DVR to watch on the weekend. (no tv on weekdays) Jacob loves to see people being knocked down.