Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Family Pics Results

We finally got the results from our family pictures. Some are good, some are great and others are bleh. Here is are some of the best pics.
 I wish we had gotten one with all of us smiling, even Dan, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. We only got all of us in one position and I look taller than Matt, I'm not especially pleased.

Hailey and Nicole

 I was really displeased with the ones of Matt and I. We were losing the light and were the last ones to go and I hate how I look in all of them.
I loved the ones of the kids, the photographer is great at taking pics of the kids, I just wish the ones of all of us were better.

I'm also sad that we didn't get one with Matt and Nicole. Nicole is such a Daddy's girl and I would have loved one of her and him. I'm considering getting just us a retake because I'm just disappointed by the pics of my family. The pics of all the family look great and I'm sure my Mom will love it since it was all done for her really.


Sarah said...

I thought the big family pics looked good. The ones with the siblings were okay, and I didn't really like the few pictures of Mark and I, but we knew families were going after us so we didn't want to take many.

Krista said...

What ever! You and Matt look great!!! I love the pictures of your family!!!!

Deanne said...

That is one good looking family! I think everyone looks great. I especially love the one of you with Nicole. Your mom will treasure the one of everybody. p.s. I have a camera that takes decent photos if you ever want to have a little photo shoot of your little family.

Marie said...

I think they look good. She had to replace some heads in the group shot because there wasn't one with everyone looking and smiling. I think you and Matt look good, but we are always more critical of ourselves.

Becky said...

Matt has convinced me that I am being too critical of myself. I'm going to try and be pleased with all of our pics, not just the ones of the kids.

Laura said...

Matt is right. We (especially women) are always more critical of our own pictures. What we are forgetting is that when others see our pictures, to them we look great. So you have to ask yourself...who do you want to believe? I vote for the others' point of view.