Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello Kitty

A couple of days ago, a pretty kitty cat came to visit us in our backyard. The cat was so pretty and Nicole was so enamored with it that we gave it a can of tuna. It was such a nice kitty cat. It let Nicole pet it while it ate the tuna and then followed her around the back porch for a while until it was time for us to go in and eat dinner.

The next day, Nicole was playing downstairs and the cat came back to visit again. Probably because we fed it delicious tuna and it wanted more. We gave it some water and Nicole played with the cat through the sliding door for like an hour. Nothing keeps her entertained for that long, so we were surprised. Nicole loves cats because her aunt Mee Mee has cats, but Mee Mee's cats don't like Nicole and they hiss and bite her.

Nicole said to me the first time that she got to play with this little kitty...
"Mommy, is it Mee Mee's cat?" (because, apparently, all cats belong to Mee Mee)
"No, it isn't Mee Mee's cat," I said.
"Is it MY cat?" Nicole asked.
"NO, it is NOT your cat!" I told her.

Matt and I are allergic to cats, so we will NOT be adopting this kitty. Plus, I think it is our neighbor's cat who lives behind us. Plus, I was reminded of a story that my aunt Deanne put on her blog. Where they tried to adopt a kitty who kept visiting, only to find out (when they took it to the vet to be fixed) that the cat had been recently fixed. The kitty was just making families with anyone who would give it food.

Last night, Nicole and Matt went out to the garden to pick tomatoes. As soon as that cat heard them in the backyard, it jumped over our back fence and came up to our back porch. I let Nicole go outside and play with the kitty because she loves it so much. Again, she kept asking if it was "Our kitty." No, it is not our cat.

Here is a little video with Nicole and the visiting kitty.


Sarah said...

Ha ha! Cute cat, looks like a nice one...unlike some cats.

Marie said...

You got a cat!!!! Oh, Nicoley loves it so much! Too bad my cats hate kids.

Becky said...

Your cats don't just hate kids, they hate everyone. I've been bit and scratched by your cats before.
And, how many times do I have to say that it is NOT our cat! It is just a visitor. I have to believe so that Nicoley will too.

Laura said...

Mee Mee's cats like me. Baby has been crawling into my lap to chill when I am not holding Damon every day. You are a very persuasive mother to get Nicole to believe that the cat is just visiting. Most kids would be insisting that it is their cat. Case in point...Mr. Jangles.

Deanne said...

I'm still not sure if our cat thinks he belongs to us, but we still claim him (and feed him). That cat visitor of yours looks like a nice friend! :)