Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Day Yesterday

6am: Feed baby, shower, eat.
7am: Go to work
8am: Freak out because I have tons of work to do and servers are down.
12pm: Quickly eat lunch while working.
4pm: Go home, relieved that I got all my work done.
4:30pm: Get home and feed baby. Then, pack a bag and get Nicole ready to go.
5pm: Go to the Library with both kids so that Matt could study for his final.
5:45pm: Leave library and put gas in the car.
6pm: Run to Macey's (with both kids still) and pick up grocery items so that I can make cookies and cake for family events on Friday.
6:30pm: Get home and start making dinner.
7pm: Serve dinner and feed baby. Then, I eat.
7:30pm: Dishes
8pm: Get kids in pajamas, get Nicole her nighttime milk cup, and feed baby.
8:15pm: Fold laundry.
8:30pm: Read Nicole and Daniel books we got from the library.
9pm: Put Nicole to bed and feed Daniel again.
9:30pm: My wonderful husband is finally finished studying and puts the sleeping Daniel in his bed. Then, I finally get to watch Big Brother.
10:30pm: Fall asleep while watching Shark Tank.

Long day, no break, tired today.


Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

I think I need a nap just from reading that post. I hope y'all don't have too many days like this! Call me if you ever need anything or just want to hang out!

Laura said...

Things won't always be this busy and will be worse. (ha ha, just kidding). Actually, things will get better. You and Matt are good parents. Your kids are lucky to have you.