Thursday, August 04, 2011

Letters to Mommy

Dear Mommy,

Mommy, I am getting bigger every day and I know that it sometimes makes you sad, but it makes me happy! I can't stay a little baby forever you know. I am already rolling over and I am super good at tummy time.

I loved it when you put me on my tummy last night right in front of Nicole's snack tray. I got a great view of Nicole stuffing her mouth with treats and I couldn't help but drool all over the floor. When will I get to put things in my mouth other than the milks Mommy?

You know that I love the milks, but I am so fascinated by all the other items that you put in your mouth. Sometimes I have to get angry when you are eating right in front of me and not letting me taste what you are eating. It makes me yell at you!

If I am to keep up my current weight gain, you know that you will need to supply me with more than just milks. A boy can't survive on milks alone you know. I am already becoming disinterested in nursing. I would much rather drink from a bottle that gives me the milks way faster.

I can't wait to grow up!


Marie said...

Awwww....they grow up so fast.

Sarah said...

Did you take that picture this morning? Because that's what he was wearing when I was watching him.

Laura said...

I love Daniel's facial expressions and his commentary.