Monday, August 22, 2011

4 Months!

Dan the man is getting so big so fast! He is such a big boy and I'm not ready. Why can't he be a baby forever?

We brought Daniel to the doctor last week for his four month check up. He is a healthy baby boy! When the doctor was looking at Daniel, Nicole started to panic. She gets very protective of Daniel and kept asking, "What is she doing?" She was afraid the doctor was hurting Daniel.

Daniel got his shots while we were at the doctor and he was grumpy for the rest of the week last week. Shots sure do make for a grumpy baby. Hopefully, he will be a happier boy this week than he was last week.

Here are Daniel's stats... or what I remember of them.
Weight: 16lbs, 75%
Height: 75%
Head: 50%

Daniel's head keeps getting blockier, like Nicole's, so I thought he would have a higher percentage for head shape, but no, he is average. I just think that he has a big head.

I moved Daniel to size 6-9 month clothing this weekend because I was stretching his onsies to button them. I can't believe how fast they grow!

Here are some of Daniel's accomplishments.
  • Rolls over... sometimes. He is not very good at it yet, but he can do it sometimes. Mostly, he doesn't get the chance to try to do it because Nicole pushes him over. She desperately wants to help him.
  • Can grab things with his hands... most of the time. He is learning to use his hands and grab the things he wants. But, he doesn't always succeed. He likes to put his thumb in his pacifier and then chew on it. 
  • He just noticed his feet yesterday. He likes to put his little legs up and just stare at his feet.
  • His favorite thing, that makes him laugh every time, is rubbing his hands in Matt's hair and Matt's beard face. He thinks it is hilarious.
I love my Dan the man. Stay a baby forever!


Marie said...

I love it when they first discover their feet and just start to figure out how to grab things! They are so proud of themselves. Danny Boy is getting so big and he's so happy and least when I see him....and I didn't see him after his shots so that's all I know.

Jasmine said...

It's crazy how much faster the second baby seems to grow up! I'm sorry he didn't do well with his shots. It makes me so sad to see babies in pain. He's so cute!

Laura said...

Has it been 4 months already? He is such a handsome baby boy. And so lucky to have a big sister who wants to help him. But then he is also lucky to have such good parents.

Deanne said...

I can't believe he's four months old. Time flies.