Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mommy Tip Tuesday

Cool new things that I found that I want. These are luxury items. Not must haves. I do not have these items, but I sure do want them.

You load up your homemade baby food into this spoon, then squeeze the handle and baby food comes out onto the spoon. No jars necessary. Awesome.

I didn't even know that these seat covers existed! Our car seats get hashed with all the snacks and things that we give to Nicole in the back of the car. Once Daniel is old enough to feed himself too, it will ruin our backseat. Me wants!

I wish I had had this when I first had Nicole. I was constantly trying to keep track of the last time that I changed her and the last time I fed her and the last time she slept and it was a lot of times to remember. Matt is even worse at this. I get home and ask when Daniel last ate (because I want to feed him) and he is always like "I don't know, like an hour ago?" Which is not a bad thing, I just like to know so that I can be prepared to take over his schedule when I get home. I want to be the mommy!  Me wants retroactively!

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Jasmine said...

That spoon thing looks like it would be good for traveling.

Here's a tip for a cheaper seat-protector: get a padded shelf-liner roll (you can get them at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart...pretty much anywhere that sells home stuff), cut a square slightly larger than the base of the carseat, and put it between the seat and the carseat. I started doing this when we got our Pilot, because it has nice leather seats, and I love it! I have one under each of the carseats. Some things will still fall through the holes, but the majority of the mess is caught in the cover. Plus, it helps so that the carseat doesn't leave an imprint on your seat. And it's SOOOOO much cheaper than one of those fancy-shmancy covers. :)